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*Copic Ciao Marker

*Copic Multiliners


So excited for this! X3 My solo exhibition opening reception is Thursday! Hope some @keanoas people can come :3

One of my friends is having her exhibition! 

pencil sketches for a story thing i was planning called the toy maker. and one of the settings is a secret abandoned storage basement in the art building that was once the old theater department. and the toys were a pear, a snowman, and a robot. i’ve been really into stairs.

Pencil sketches of the animals of the Catfe

The Catfe 

*Copic Multiliners

My work was featured in Krakow, Poland:


Candy Crush Girl Sketch

*Pastel Pencil

I’ll be having my BFA Solo Exhibition at Kean University’s Vaughn Eames Student Gallery from March 20-26

Opening Reception: March 24, 5PM

*Flour Drawn in Copic Multiliners

A Farmer who is cursed with land that can’t grow anything but these fruits and vegetables that he can’t even eat. And his neighbor turns into a goat after eating one of them. And now needs to find a way to fix it. And he’s done with everything and just can’t.

Polydactyl Cafe

Ever since a friend of mine named Lucy and I have had sculpture together, I realized that if we were a comic or a thing it would be the kind where we’re working at a café ran by polydactyl cats (our professor has a polydactyl cat) who have been discriminated against at their home planet and so they move to earth to have a better life and Lucy is adorable and I always mess things up and do the things the cats hate. Like mopping. Washing dishes. Watering the catnip. And there would be a running gag of me always getting things in my eye (I got plaster in my eye once and it was awful) And nothing makes sense.  

*Copic Multiliners

*Copic Ciao

Linda and Gayle as the Ta Ta’s in Bob’s Burgers


Linda, Little King Trash Mouth, and the other raccoons from Bob’s Burgers


*Copic Markers

Marceline + Princess Bubblegum


Armin, Eren, and Mikasa of Attack on Titan


Squad Levi of Attack on Titan


Jamiroquai Fan art